ZX-Caverns - ZX81 gaming on the internet

The fame of the mines of Moria have spread to the far reaches of the galaxy. Lured by rumours of its great riches you play the part of a plundering alien ...

Originally 16K of Z80 machine code, Caverns was first remade to run on Windows using Delphi and now remade to the internet using Microsoft Typescript to run as javascript.


Retro Remakes site reviews ... Oddbob - 'Now, this is much more up my street. No, not a giant smoke demon rising up from the ashes of London but M Ruffe dropping us a nod to let us know about a remake of one of his Sinclair ZX81 games to the PC. Not that I have anything against giant smoke demons, especially when they get walloped by cranes. Actually, there's got to be a game in that somewhere hasn't there? Someone get to it pronto!

Caverns is a remake of possibly one of the earliest remakes, his own remake of the arcade game The Pit. Did you follow that? Good. Here's what you need to know, the game is lovingly restored in all it's ZX81 style glory. It has jewels, dwarves, aliens, lasers, Balrogs and spaceships. Now, by my reckoning tha's only a pirate, fez and a ninja short of everything you could ever want in a game. You need to collect some mithril before your spaceship can take off. There we go. No further explanation needed except for me to inform you that you should go and download this right this very second. Or in a few minutes. As long as you do actually download it, we're good, right?

Stuff like this coming along is why I really love this place. We need more stuff like this people, get to work.'

Timex Sinclair 1000